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Kol Nidre / 讻指旨诇 谞执讚职专值讬

Don’t forget, Kol Nidre is tonight!

** Services will begin at 6:50pm. **

What Is Kol Nidre?

Kol Nidrei is both the opening prayer and the name for the evening service that begins Yom Kippur.聽 Kol Nidrei literally means “All Vows.” It asks God to annul vows we may make (to God) during the coming year, either innocently or under duress. In other words, vows made unintentionally through the careless use of words or vows made because a person was forced to do so.

It is said three times so that latecomers to the service will have an opportunity to hear the prayer. It is also recited three times according to the custom of ancient Jewish courts, which would say “You are released” three times when someone was released from a legally binding vow.

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