Our Community

Beth El Jewish Center of Flatbush is a warm welcoming place ever since we were established in 1922. We invite you to get to know us. Feel free to experience our davening, classes, and share in our weekly hot Kiddush, sponsored by The Steven A. Greenberg Foundation.

Come Join Us!

-Boy Scouts (917-468-3432) -Youth Groups (Shabbat Day- 10:15 AM) -Rabbi’s Classes (Every Friday, Shabbat, Sunday, & Monday )
 And Much More!

Meet Rabbi Goldstein

Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein grew up in Monsey, New York, and Jerusalem, Israel. He attended Yeshivat Lev Hatorah in Israel for 3 years before receiving a BA from Touro College with a major in Psychology. He learnt in the Gruss Kollel in Jerusalem while teaching in various Yeshivas in Israel. In addition, Rabbi Goldstein served as a Shoel Umeishiv in the Bet Medrash Program in YU while receiving Semicha from REITS. Kayla was born in Melbourne, Australia, lived in Monsey NY, and Ramat Beit Shemesh Israel. She has worked in various organizations with children and runs the Shul’s youth group. She is an architect and interior designer and runs her own business. Rabbi Shmuel and Kayla Goldstein have two children Shira Emunah, and Eitan Simcha and live in Brooklyn, NY.